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The 2021 Inner Freedom Retreat

Austria 1 -7 November
When you come home after the 6 day IF retreat, the  inner freedom principle has sprouted and life suddenly becomes a lot clearer and easier.
Giving you more time to love!

Makes life after 
a lot easier ... 

6 days of immersion within your own nature...
A collective of
skilled stepstone people

Who we are?

Your hosts
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The Falcon principle, sharpview the inner realms

Moritz Lembert - Austria 
Coach - Dancer - Choreographer - Manual therapist - Organiser - Inner Freedom researcher - Lightbringer - Meditator -Writer - Traveller
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Hidden art of The Inner Work

Bart Vanderbruggen - Belgium 
Inner work Coach - Bodywork expert - Freediver - Father - Naturalist - Philosopher - Yogi - Giving soul - Inspiration creator

So why this retreat?

☘️  It's an event about you, and your devotion to your own life. 

🌺  It's about making a sacred, safe, peaceful space so you can hear the little voice of truth inside, speaking to you. 

🌼  It's about together: We enjoy inspiring you and get inspired by you, to unlock our inner potential and freedom.

🌱 Its about making a nice, clear, fresh start in life with a 6 day advantage! 

Meet us and find out more
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This will make you come along! 

About amazing veggie-organic food, course activities, summer evening campfire, restspots and nice long talks and walks,...

6 days stay in Aurora Dom

A unique sustainable retreat centre in Kärnten Austria amidst the wild beautiful nature. 

Unique Learning Paths

Every day 3 amazing veggie-organic star-food meals, made by our passionate cook Marin.

Making space for you and

... your devotion to your own life.
 So you can hear the little voice of truth speaking to you the unavoidable realization that you are free, powerful, and creative.

We will slow you down

doing less, and through that you start realizing that you have more than you thought you had, that you are closer to be what you aspire to be. That you are life.

 Observe your mind actions

Through sound, breath, guided meditations, a good talk or a good laugh, alone or in group. Whatever 'you' are ready for. You hold the controls!

Discover inner critical work

Breath-work, movement in nature, vital function experiences, bodywork, work with body-fears, .. all contribute to the powerful expression of inner freedom in daily life.

Just to get sweet water in your mouth ...

The retreat is held in Dom Aurora, Frauenstein - Kärnten, Austria

Amazing organic food and a lovely bed to sleep in, what else...

Have a swim with us in  nature's swimming pool...

or watch us from the hammock.

The inner fire ignited!

Nature is our other teacher...

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Love to see you in autum colours!!

Our Plans for the day!

We invite you to a daily program. If you need space there is plenty, We are available to support your individual path.

There is more than enough, you could write a book this week... but your energy will mainly go to your inner process.
Rhythms and therefore rituals are an ancient way to communicate with our basic nervous system. So we divide the day in to 5 main parts where events are occurring.
  • Early morning: practices can be breath work, movement, cold water treatment, walks, nature bath's,... free choice of course.
  • Morning: after breakfast we offer a session with bodywork, movement nature teachings, practical explanations of the inner freedom principals.
  • Nooning: you need a little personal break after lunch, use it well!
  • Late afternoon session: slowing down towards the evening, gentle work is at hand, feeling, gentle play, inner freedom through arts and communication.
  • Evening session: starting with a magnificent dinner. The night is there to celebrate ourselves with music, a night meditation in the forest?, fire stories, and more... 

The infinite asked questions :)

How about the COVID story?

This is a Covid regulations approved event. All participants are asked for: their covid vaccination or recent recovery from covid or are tested 72 hrs before coming to the retreat (bring your documents or app's to let us know). Right now you need that anyway to travel. 

What about the price?

We have only 10 limited spots available to ensure a spacious and peaceful experience. You will have to apply to reserve your spot, find out here to learn more about the price and what's included. Click here! or look a bit lower ⬇️

Can I carpool with others? How can I communicate?

We will bring you in contact with other participants through our participants Facebook group. You can share contact information, stories, routes, travel information or carpooling there.

I have no experience with anything you are offering, can I participate?

It's about you, we adjust everything we do to the participants. It is your proces, if there is a personal issue getting in the way, we are there to support you. You will experience so much insight. How far or how deep you can perform an exercise is of no importance! 

How experienced are the hosts?

Both Moritz and Bart have a longtime running practice of professional coaching and self practice. The question is not how experienced they are. The question is how much connection can they make with you so you have the experience. Well... they came together because of a natural ability to make clear connections with people. 

English, German, Dutch,...?

You read it already, the main language will be English. But translations in German and Dutch are possible.

Probably you have a thousand questions more. You can ask all of them through the information form below ⏬

Want to get to know us in advance?

Pricing and apply information

The 2021 Inner Freedom Retreat

Austria 1 - 7 november 

Pricing and contact form autum Inner Freedom Retreat 3.0

✅  Exclusive group of only 10 participants 

✅  Full accommodation in Dom Aurora. 
✅  Star class organic/veggie food full service
✅  Nature's own spa free to use

✅  Complete Inner Freedom course 2021 included
✅  Personal guidance from teachers

❇️  Individual treatment possibilities

Price €1350,-   6 days - 5 nights 'high class' accommodation in nature with all teachings and coaching included. (separate rooms available ask for surplus price) 

Ask your questions or apply for your spot! Use this form        ➡️
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